An experienced team delivers quality, speed and value with minimal disruption.

Effective and rapid deployment of new projects is key to accomplishing the maximum return on investment. Working with your engineering and project management team, Liquid Networx will ensure that your technology deployment accomplishes your organizational goals with minimal disruption to your business.

Hardware, software and new technologies can present challenges for businesses and staff members who are already saturated with projects. Evolving networks that integrate voice, data and video on the same platform require both specialized training and experience. Large-scale field deployments require cross training on equipment from multiple vendors. The ability of an organization to perform simultaneous installations at various locations on time, and on budget, is critical to the success of aggressive network deployment projects.

Liquid Networx helps companies succeed by providing installation services that take the risks out of the equation. Liquid Networx engineering and installation teams have the breadth of capabilities, services, reach and scalability to handle everything from large-scale national build outs and regional network deployment to local installation projects. With more than 20 years of experience, Liquid Networx has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle any type of installation project.

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