Flexible, adaptable, scalable. Design makes the difference.

Strong network design and analysis is the difference between temporary and sustainable. When companies grow, shrink or merge, they often have issues with integrating a company they’ve purchased or deploying new technologies like cloud services, SIP, video conferencing, mobile devices and wireless networking. Changes in regulatory or compliance policies can have a business scrambling to secure these environments. A well-designed communications platform makes change easier and more cost effective, supporting business as it navigates changes of every variety.

Companies can solve many of the “daily” challenges at once, with a network review and redesign. Because Liquid Networx reviews and designs hundreds of secure, adaptable networks a year, we can leverage newer technologies to build a communications platform that is cost effective yet immediately flexible and adaptable to changing business needs.

With vast experience designing complex, secure network environments, Liquid Networx tailors solutions to suit a spectrum of requirements.

Well-designed systems can evolve with your business

Every year brings new ideas, strategies and projects. A solid technical architecture can enable your business to advance beyond competitors in the area of new product introduction, customer care, and operating efficiency. A technical platform that is dated or out of compliance, on the other hand, can cause many headaches and leave your business vulnerable.

By documenting current capabilities, technical gaps or challenges, and future business strategies, Liquid Networx ensures that technical communications platforms are aligned with business strategy. The end state is a technical platform that enables swift execution of business ideas, contemplated and otherwise, without betting the bank.

Real solutions improve operational efficiency

The current business climate demands that companies find better ways to adapt, operate and support customers. Over the last several years, the technology options that can be employed to support businesses are unsurpassed in numbers, features and providers. Navigating these solutions to deliver the best results for your business can be tricky, especially if internal resources have not had the visibility into the newer idea sets.

In most cases, Liquid Networx finds ways to save money while improving design and performance. In addition to understanding the network, we focus on understanding your business strategy in order to ensure that the technology investments support the business goals. With a well-documented network design and analysis plan, we can optimize your technology spend with minimal disruption to your business.