Liquid Edge

Network security managed solutions for multi-location business

“I want to concentrate on my business, not my network.”
“PCI compliance is killing me.”

We hear these statements frequently from business owners and retailers who are challenged to build and maintain secure networks that keep transactions flowing with minimal disruption at a reasonable price. The Liquid Edge is a managed service that not only secures your network, but assumes the burden of the day-to-day monitoring and managing of your network so you don’t have to. Plus, it actually helps better manage your store’s environment.

Security intelligence at your fingertips

The Liquid Edge is a small footprint device that replaces your existing firewalls. This device allows Liquid Networx to monitor the health of your entire network and maintain its security from our state-of-the-art Networks Operations Center (NOC) while delivering the data you need to run your business. The system goes beyond protection for your network—it helps you run your business better. Whether monitoring the temperature in the cooler, updating digital signage, or accessing a DVR, Liquid Edge makes it happen from a single application on your computer or handheld device.

Multi-location management made easy

We understand your business demands a secure network with the ability to view each of your locations from a convenient single point of access. The Liquid Edge device achieves this and more—it takes the pain out of multi-location management and puts you in control. The Liquid Edge provides you with the network information you need to securely and effectively run your business. We give you insight and visibility into the health of each of your locations while taking on the management of your network. And we improve productivity by freeing you and your employees from those time-intensive calls spent holding for the local broadband provider. The Liquid Edge system actually interacts and integrates with all of your machine-to-machine monitoring systems (temperature readers, tank gauges, etc.) to provide you with the secure platform needed to efficiently run your business.

Liquid Edge has the following features:

  • Web-based network management portal
  • PCI DSS compliant network design, implementation and management
  • Equipment installation and 24/7 monitoring
  • Enhanced WAN/LAN security
  • VPN and network client routing policies
  • Broadband provisioning
  • Ongoing network and carrier support

Liquid Networx designs, deploys and manages networks from start to finish. If your network design requirements include a multi-store network, Liquid Networx can help. With vast experience in complex, secure network environments, we tailor solutions to suit your objectives. We assume the challenge of nationwide hardware installation at each of your store locations, whether they number two or 2000. And once the network is installed, status information for all locations is made available to you on the Web, real-time, within our Liquid Edge portal. Highly-trained support staff is available 24/7 to ensure continuous service. Getting started is easy. Contact us and our certified consultants will gather the necessary information to design a customized solution for your unique environment.