Audit and Recover

A fresh pair of eyes can bring savings to light

Telecom Audit Services from Liquid Networx is a complete turnkey solution addressing a historic audit, ongoing audit, carrier dispute/collection and inventory of services including:

  • Local and long distance service
  • Data lines, circuits, private lines, wireless
  • Equipment leases and service contracts

The historic telecom audit provides baseline activity and dispute billing errors. Our experts bring deep domain expertise, the right analytics tools and proven processes to maximize the ability to realize savings.

  • Perform detailed audit of invoices against contracts, tariffs and inventories.
  • Identify cost avoidance opportunities through visibility and improved policy management.
  • Benchmark existing rates and terms against best available for similar spend.
  • Review services and networks for optimization opportunities.
  • Other than cost savings, telecom audit can also assist you in ROI development to justify migrations to new technologies such as SIP.

Telecom invoices have error rates of 7-12%. –Aberdeen Group

Ongoing telecom audit tracks trends and keeps costs low and:

  • Leverages data and lessons learned from historic audit to minimize future billing errors.
  • Configures and runs software exceptions against invoices to identify billing errors; investigates billing errors and potential optimization opportunities.
  • Manages billing disputes with carriers, yielding process efficiencies and lower costs.
  • Tracks and reports on disputes, analyst responsible and credits back to the customer.

Telecom audit solutions can be tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs and objectives as part of our award-winning Telecom Lifecycle Management function or as a one-time service.

“(Liquid Networx) has become an invaluable partner in managing our telecom spend. After helping us gain centralized control, you immediately began reducing our monthly costs by optimizing services and streamlining the ordering and invoice management processes. By reviewing our invoices promptly and actively pursuing cost optimization opportunities, you have freed up our internal resources to focus on managing the business. I now feel more confident than ever that we have control of our telecom expenses and can accurately set our budgets for the coming year.”

– VP of IT, Global Manufacturer