Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Improve the mobile user experience. Secure data. Reduce costs.

The proliferation of mobile devices has changed computing habits for good. Both a personal communication and business computing platform, these ubiquitous devices have influenced how businesses interact and communicate in ways that are still becoming apparent. In addition, data and applications are ever more accessible through mobile devices, driving business transformation but simultaneously posing a spate of new challenges and risks.

Did You Know?

  • Mobility is a bigger, addressable market than the cloud.
  • Enterprise Mobility is a new profession.
  • Mobility is changing corporate culture.
  • IT offerings are now becoming a recruiting tool.
  • Companies have been taken by surprise by this rapid change in mobile device growth and are desperately seeking help.
  • There were 77 million Smartphones in 2010.
  • It is estimated that there will be 166 million Smartphones by 2014.
  • Rise of employee-owned mobile devices is driving a new model for cooperation and a redefining of the Enterprise boundary.
  • Use of other mobile devices such as tablets are proliferating:
    • Pfizer is deploying iPads with the first pharma apps.
    • A major semiconductor company bought an iPad for every employee.
    • Genentech developed tons of mobile apps for the entire company. They host their own apps servers and provide approved apps for employees to download. One is “Get a Room!”
    • Multi-OS is unstoppable. Customers want Switzerland—it is difficult to implement any strategy focused around a single OS as was the case just a few years ago.

A recent survey of 1,400 technology professionals across 14 nations shows 21% of companies have no restrictions on use of personal mobile devices, while 58% have lightweight policies, and only 20% have stringent guidelines. (Poll conducted by security firm McAfee, a division of Intel.)

We solve major issues

Liquid Networx delivers solutions that help companies to optimize their mobile communication networks by achieving greater functionality and security with minimal cost and downtime. Through virtualized smart device management, Liquid Networx gives companies real-time insights and control over activity, content and apps while supporting mobile devices across the spectrum of mobile environments, public and private. We solve the problems companies face as data moves to the smart device keeping security, cost and experience in mind.

The benefits include:

  • Management of data, users and devices
  • Visibility and access control
  • Support of multi-OS environments
  • Application discovery, distribution, management and security
  • Visibility into phone metrics
  • Improved service and cost controls
  • Help desk support
  • Integration with our highly regarded Lifecycle Management solution

The time to address Mobile Device Management (MDM) is now. Liquid Networx provides the expertise in this rapidly growing space to improve the user experience, secure data and reduce costs in accordance with best practices. For more information or to speak with us, click here.