Network Maintenance

Well-maintained networks have fewer incidents

Well-managed networks are highly organized, responsive to changing needs, and have little downtime. Many companies have come to view network management as a low-value activity compared with things like customer support, product development or forming new digital strategies around customer interactions.

Liquid Networx manages hundreds of customer and internal networks.

We create customized contracts that may include:

  • Regular network monitoring
  • Adding and removing of IP’s
  • Subnet maintenance
  • Domain setup and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and resolving of problems on the network
  • Troubleshooting of related hardware attached to the network
  • Setup and changes to security policies
  • Adding and removing users
  • Implementing filtering and anti-spam solutions

A reliable accounting of your technology inventory, available in one place, is the right way to manage a network. As a one-time service, Liquid Networx performs an initial remote audit to gather and organize your network inventory. As an ongoing service, Liquid Networx can keep an up-to-date inventory that helps you make better decisions related to purchasing new products and services, deploying network upgrades and security patches, and capacity planning.