Networks designed for maximum performance

Network performance management is the discipline of planning and optimizing networks to ensure that they carry traffic with the characteristics that are appropriate for the nature of the application and the cost constraints of the organization. Different applications require unique blends of capacity, latency and reliability to deliver a good user experience. For example:

  • Streaming video or voice can be unreliable (brief moments of chop or silence) and needs to have very low latency so that lags don’t occur.
  • Bulk file transfer or e-mail must be reliable and have high capacity, but doesn’t need to be instantaneous.
  • Managing the network to enhance ERP performance and availability is critical to maximizing employee productivity.
  • Carriers and manufacturers have implemented QOS and queuing in various ways creating confusion and potential pitfalls for companies now ready to implement SIP, Voice, Video and other applications over a data network. Understanding these issues and how to overcome through design and optimization is key to a successful deployment.

Network performance management tasks.

Liquid Networx employs a proprietary toolkit to accomplish the tasks associated with performance management including measurement, forensic analysis, capacity planning and load-testing. We also work closely with application developers and IT departments who rely on us to deliver underlying network services and savings.

  • Performance management requires that networks are measured at one of two levels–per-port metrics or end-user metrics. Per-port metrics are collected using flow-based monitoring and protocols. End-user metrics are collected through web logs, synthetic monitoring or real user monitoring.
  • Liquid Networx managed services can help automate the process of identifying and executing future network adjustments to improve performance.
  • Capacity planning can help model the impact of new applications or increased utilization in certain areas of the network. Liquid Networx helps to ensure that you are aligning network resources without experiencing shortfalls or waste.