Staging and Logistics

Proper staging ensures operational success

New technology deployments require that a series of activities be accomplished in a uniform, organized way. Failing that, a deployment can be completely disruptive and fraught with downstream difficulties.

Liquid Networx has the facilities to warehouse, stage and organize your technology deployment without interrupting your ordinary business flow. Most customers find that outsourcing this particular facet of a project has improved the success as measured by downtime, disruption and going-future performance of the technologies.

The turnkey service can include:

  • Receiving and inventory of equipment
  • Storage in secure facility
  • Installation of operating systems
  • Installation of various network and server components/cards
  • Implementation of configurations as designed in labs
  • Labeling
  • End-to-end testing
  • Packing and shipping

Liquid Networx has managed hundreds of complex network deployments and conversions. We understand that having the right level of planning, resources and effort assigned to the staging task is critical to a successful technology deployment.