Vendor Management

Experienced Price Negotiation

When it comes to getting the most for your telecom dollar, it helps to have a few thousand successful contracts under your belt.

Marketplace Pricing

Certain carriers have the pricing power in some geographies, products areas, and services, but may lack in others. Liquid Networx using business intelligence around carrier specific carrier pricing to generate the best vendor and pricing strategy available for anything a company wants to accomplish.

Wireless Optimization

Wireless optimization is a mechanism to decrease cost coupled with a streamlined provisioning mapping process. Complicated carrier billing formats, ever changing rate plans & features, and unstable end user usage volumes creates a wireless environment that is clearly in favor of the carriers. We change the paradigm in which wireless services are procured by extracting wireless billing and usage data at the lowest carrier billing element and benchmarking current price points against the leading edge of the market.

Negotiations must be conducted in conjunction with a wireless optimization. Wireless optimizations alone do not maximize savings.

  • Immediate opportunity for cost reduction.
  • Pure financial exercise with no impact to service or disruption to end-users.
  • There is typically no carrier or technology migration.
  • With an accurate inventory and volume trend, we establish the optimal rate plan configuration for each subscriber line based on unique usage and features requirements.
  • We create, at the most granular carrier billing and inventory level, a detailed analysis of your voice/data usage trends, feature procurement and overall wireless consumption volume that is unavailable utilizing standard carrier reporting platforms.

Liquid Networx knows how to buy value

The contract negotiation process is a carrier’s primary tool to retain margin, maintain market share and secure long-term revenue. Carriers and companies both devote a great deal of time and resources to perfect negotiations to ensure they receive the most favorable outcome. After a lengthy and intensive carrier negotiation, many companies make large commitments in order to feel they have earned the best possible rates, terms and conditions for their business. By understanding service lifecycles, Liquid Networx drives value during the contract negotiations process.

Mid-term negotiations

Carrier contracts can be opened up and evaluated at any time. Mid-term negotiations can result in:

  • Incumbent-Only or Multiple-Carrier RFP
  • Certain and immediate opportunity for major cost reduction
  • Minimizing and managing commitments appropriately
  • Leveraging carriers for world-class pricing

Multiple-Carrier RFP

Telecom RFPs are resource intensive, tedious and difficult sourcing exercises. Without proper management, RFPs do not guarantee the best results. The incumbents in a RFP understand that they don’t need to meet the lowest prices because they know that their competitors must overcome the hurdles of network migration. Non-incumbents know that they can rarely provide enough savings to justify a migration, so they treat a RFP as an exercise and don’t disclose their best terms.

Liquid Networx can help grow the returns of your RFP while your business continues to operate smoothly.

  • Our 100% management of the RFP reduces your internal time and resources by 95%.
  • Carriers are included based on your companies good carrier relationships and Liquid Networx recommendations.
  • We provide all the carriers with the statistical information they need to achieve aggressive market levels.

Carrier consolidation

Carrier and contract consolidations result in more elastic commitments, streamlined and simplified procurement processes, and consolidated carrier invoices. Carrier consolidation is both internal (when the products and services categories with the same carrier are brought under one contract and one commitment), and external (the pulling together of multiple carrier services under a primary, and perhaps secondary carrier while eliminating other vendors).

  • Liquid Networx negotiates coterminous agreements across all carriers and service types.
  • Consolidating carriers and agreements results in streamlined and efficient procurement processes.
  • Centralized invoicing through account and service consolidation.
  • Establish true single point of contacts and vendor management.


Liquid Networx knows the the very best rates in the industry and asks your carrier to meet these levels.

Carrier agreements can be opened prior to the end-of-term where sufficient leverage and market changes support a successful outcome. The carrier is motivated because they can retain your future business by writing down business today.

  • We leverage our benchmark intelligence to extract savings that is identical as to what that carrier would offer in a fully competitive RFP.
  • A RFP is not necessary to maximize leverage with your incumbent carrier.
  • Through carrier coaching we help the carrier help themselves in retaining your business.

Terms and conditions

Addressing price in a negotiation alongside terms and conditions produces a balanced and comprehensive result. Liquid Networx seeks to:

  • Minimize your carrier liabilities and maximize your flexibility.
  • Customize terms and conditions that are specific to the needs of your business while further gaining flexibility within your commitments.
  • Negotiate proposed terms and conditions using successful experience and precedents.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS) standards are not reliant upon large commitments.

Liquid Networx has a team of professionals that can help you drive the best results for your business without interruption.