Vulnerability Management

A lifecycle of security

You’ve run the scans and have your results in hand. What next?

Vulnerability Management is more than just running scans. Identified weaknesses must be organized, addressed and tracked according to their risk to the system. At Liquid Networx, we use our vast industry experience and proprietary security tool (ComplyShield Advantage) to help our customers develop and implement a true vulnerability management program.

At completion, our customers have a comprehensive security program in place that allows them to:

  • Organize vulnerability by information asset, regional territory or business unit.
  • Adjust risk ratings to meet your organizations unique architecture.
  • Assign resources to work identified vulnerabilities.
  • Manage and document exception, compensating controls and false positives.
  • Automatically validate the closing of vulnerabilities by importing updates and vulnerability scan data into an existing vulnerability management project.
  • Provide business units and management reporting that tracks the effectiveness of your vulnerability program over time and by asset, region or business unit.

Vulnerability management is one of the most important aspects of any information security program but also one of the most misunderstood. Companies often confuse vulnerability management with penetration testing, which is only conducted after the scans are complete and the results have been fully organized and managed. First things first. Because we’re experts in the field and have helped thousands of organizations get on the right track, let us help you navigate this process and achieve the strongest result for your investment.