Next Generation Firewalls

Anticipate and adapt to security evolutions


By 2014, 35% of all enterprise security will feature NGFW. -Gartner

Network security is a top subject among technologists today. What used to be anchor technology—the firewall—is redefined. The business user, applications and outside security threats have all evolved while traditional stateful inspection firewalls have only begun to show evidence of progress.

In the past, Enterprise employees went to work and left at the end of a shift. Now we have developed an “always on” mentality when it comes to working, blurring the line between what is business and what is personal. Sometimes work and play can occur within the same application. But we have lost the ability to deeply inspect what is going on in networked environments because more and more traffic now goes through fewer and fewer ports, no longer providing the luxury of one port, one application.

The inclusion of additional hardware to gain additional insight only causes additional layers of complexity. URL Filtering, IPS and even custom solutions only fill racks, winding up at the same limited destination, “block or allow.”

Today, Liquid Networx provides network security solutions for businesses through Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) providing greater flexibility, more options and more control in this changing landscape. For those companies that enable mobile workforces, the balance of flexibility and control could mean preventing peer-to-peer during business hours, but allowing it after hours for employees who are working late, for example.

In order to address the growing challenges faced by security teams worldwide, Gartner specifies what a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) must contain:

1. Stateful Inspection Firewall
2. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that integrates with the firewall
3. Full Stack Visibility – being able to view and control

  • Applications
  • Users
  • Content

4. Extra Firewall Intelligence

  • User Directory Integration
  • Web Filtering

NGFW’s are transforming network security by catching up to—and in some cases exceeding—the consumerization of technology and changes to applications. Businesses have greater tools at their disposal. When new applications are introduced, there is no longer a need to create a new proxy, just identify them. As user resources grow and/or are acquired, it’s much easier to segue these into a rules-based environment without a rip-and-replace solution.

At Liquid Networx, our security solution consists of ten critical components:

  1. Identify and control applications on any port.
  2. Provide the ability to identify and control circumventors.
  3. Decrypt outbound SSL.
  4. Provide application function control.
  5. Scan for viruses and malware in allowed collaborative applications.
  6. Deal with unknown traffic by policy.
  7. Identify and control applications sharing the same connection.
  8. Enable the same application, visibility and control for remote users.
  9. Make network security simpler, not more complex, with the addition of application control.
  10. Deliver the same throughput and performance with application control active.

Both users and applications are evolving. Liquid Networx helps companies to adapt to the pace of change and to anticipate changes in the security environment. Our security experts can show you the benefits of NGFW and provide you with an accurate snapshot of what’s occurring in your environment.