Network Security Assessment and Consulting

Staying the course still requires vigilance and excellence

“Can someone please just take a look at our network and let me know we’re on the right track?”

While most of our customers come to us because they have a compliance or regulatory need, many of them simply want confirmation that their new or existing program is in line with generally acceptable information security standards. On occasion, they want to know how deploying a new technology will impact the security of their current environment.

Among others, Liquid Networx provides consulting on the impact of the following technologies on your network:

  • Virtualization
  • Mobility
  • Point-to-point Encryption
  • Tokenization

The security analysts at Liquid Networx work with you to understand both your environment and the underlying objective for the review. We craft custom engagements that best meet your business and security needs, ensuring you are on the right track.