Network Vulnerability Assessment

Addressing changing security environments

Every day, hackers probe for, identify and analyze new vulnerabilities to determine whether exploit code can be developed. Armed with these insights, they can prey upon susceptible targets with breakneck speed. Businesses who fail to continually scan for and repair vulnerabilities are at risk of becoming the next compromised victim. Believe it or not, the primary threat to today’s networks is known vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities are essentially system, device or application flaws. If leveraged by an attacker, these can drastically impact the security of the system. Exploits effectively take advantage of vulnerabilities by compromising or destroying a vulnerable system. The process of repairing a known vulnerability is called remediation whereby further exploitation risks and damage are eliminated.

The MS SQL Slammer Worm, a decade-long poster child for known vulnerabilities, spread like wildfire, exploiting a common vulnerability. Patches were issued in 2002 but largely ineffective as the Worm was still spreading six months later due to a prolific number of unpatched, vulnerable networks. This is only one of innumerable reasons why administrators must vigilantly scan their networks for vulnerabilities and remediate as rapidly as possible.

Vulnerability scanning is used to protect your information assets and to report the security posture of a network. Liquid Networx helps you understand your exposure to compromise and take action to remediate identified vulnerabilities.

We offer diversified scanning that identifies vulnerabilities across all operating systems, desktop applications, network devices, Web applications, databases and more. An indispensable tool in risk mitigation, Liquid Networx utilizes scanning as part of a comprehensive security framework, providing you with vulnerability intelligence, visibility, controls and support.