Beyond products and services

Today’s market is inundated with products and services including many that have been commoditized or fragmented. This poses a serious problem for many companies who, regardless of price, may find these products or services to be overly complex on the implementation side. Design failures, delayed deployments and botched implementations are expensive. The full benefits of the purchase may be completely unrealized since the products are rarely fully integrated in the manner in which they were sold. This leads to diminished value, buyer’s remorse and a weakened company stance.

A large networking provider recently reported that a specific product was never fully implemented in more than 80% of the customer sites in which it had been sold. The company explained that it was opportune for partners as the customer required almost 350% of the purchase price of the hardware and software in services to implement this solution. This sobering reality was likely omitted from their product advertisements. Unfortunately, this type of solution often leaves IT management exposed and frustrated with the outcome.

Liquid Networx helps your organization to avoid these pitfalls. Through leveraging our expertise, experience and resources, you get the most out of your IT budget, honest answers from vendors and service providers, and customized, fully-implemented solutions best suited to your needs. Our team has invested millions of dollars in research and development of new products, data center space for testing, lab equipment for configurations and interoperability validation, plus thousands of hours evaluating new technologies to determine which of these are best in class. Based on our research and ongoing customer feedback, we continue to develop new relationships with key partners and to create new, relevant solutions to serve needs across multiple verticals in a number of industries.

  • We support retail, food service, manufacturing, healthcare, wholesale, oil and gas.
  • Many of our solutions are complementary and designed to leverage your budget.
  • Work with what you have. Leverage our experience to structure a network that is designed for resilience, starting with existing technology assets.
  • Your network shouldn’t run you. Take the pain out of compliance with our network compliance and remediation tools. They give you the management controls, insight and assurances you need so you’re free to run your business.
  • Gain operational efficiencies.
  • We know networking—it’s engrained in our company culture because we’ve worked on all sides of the desk.
    • Our team is highly certified.
    • We have a number of industry veterans including former carrier executives and staff.
    • Our IT experience spans a range of industries. Yes, we understand that technical issues are created by business issues, and that they vary by industry.
    • We own and operate a data center, fiber network and a nationwide team of power users. We understand the pain points first hand.
  • Managed services make IT affordable. In fact, IT can be managed by experts without draining your budget.

Engage the experts at Liquid Networx to determine best-in-class solutions for your company. We have a sensible, return-on-equity approach toward evaluating, selecting and implementing the technologies that support your business growth.