Liquid Sonar

Reduce TEM costs and regain control

Managing the lifecycle of communications is a challenge for organizations around the globe. Under pressure to cut costs, streamline operations and optimize resources, businesses struggle to manage telecom assets and services. From procurement to payment, the challenge lies in understanding what you own, where it resides, what it costs, and who pays for it. It can be seemingly impossible to meet global regulations while simultaneously validating rates, managing contracts, paying vendors, and building accurate management reports.

That’s where Liquid Networx can have a profound impact on your business. You want to grow your business. We can help.

Comprehensive capabilities from a single solution

Through Liquid Networx Sonar—powered by Tangoe—your organization can utilize one of the most robust telecommunications expense management (TEM) solutions in the industry. A multiple recipient of Gartner’s TEM solution leader’s quadrant, Tangoe is our partner of choice with typical cost savings of 20-40%.

Liquid’s communication lifecycle management expertise and comprehensive software provide clients with a full range of solutions for fixed, mobile, and cloud service management.

  • Contract management
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice processing
  • Invoice audit
  • Cost allocations
  • Payment approval
  • Dispute management
  • Reporting

Learn more about Sonar Mobile and Sonar Fixed.