Multi-Vendor Solutions

The perfect combination of vendors and products

The proliferation of communications services providers is offering companies unparalleled choice in voice, data, network and application services. Liquid Networx has longstanding relationships with many leading communications services providers (CSPs), and knows their strengths, weaknesses and specialties.

Often, companies do not have the staff or technical capabilities to fully manage their carrier relationships or networks. Working with Liquid Networx allows you to utilize the best of multi-carrier technical capabilities, technologies and solutions from engineering and design to implementation and billing consolidation. Our breadth of experience across most of the leading CSPs helps you assemble the best combination of services to accomplish your objectives.

Our knowledge of carrier solutions extends down to the RFC (Request for Comment) level. Each carrier implements network technologies—MPLS for example—off a published standard. The level to which they are implemented, and how they map to the standards, can be critical in terms of interoperability of a multi-vendor network.

Liquid Networx has teams of engineering staff who are familiar with solutions down to that critical RFC level, making sure that a network deployment happens once and operates correctly.

Our holistic view also includes price competitiveness relative to geography and service, solution set, capacity, and any distinctive advantages in product or expertise that a vendor can apply to the solution. The benefit to you is a best-of-breed, fully-integrated solution delivered on time and on budget.