Data Center Services

Greater power, space and resiliency

Today, companies that need data center space can take advantage of the more cost effective approach of renting versus buying. The total cost of building and annual maintenance of a basic, conditioned space facility easily exceeds the budget that most companies want to allocate.

Liquid Networx has relationships with most major data center providers. Acting on your behalf, we can map out exact requirements to those service providers who are strongest in the space.

Enjoying a very favorable relationship with CityNap, an unaligned Network Access Point in San Antonio, TX, Liquid Networx can colocate any computer equipment to any carrier. We understand that customers have a variety of requirements including features, certifications and geography just to name a few. So while we can customize the CityNAP offering, it is definitely not a one-size-fits all. Given our extensive network, understanding of the space and partnerships, after gaining an understanding of your requirements, we’ll search our systems to provide the best options in the U.S. and abroad to host or colocate your equipment.

For carriers, we provide free access with dual fiber entries.

Custom data center solutions meet simple and complex requirements. Do the math.

Colocation is more than just space. By providing state-of-the-art facilities, security, power, cooling, fire suppression and network bandwidth without the exorbitant costs associated with building out or expanding in-house, colocation has become an increasingly sensible data center solution.

The cost of building a data center for a small to medium business has been estimated in excess of $1M after construction and annual maintenance costs. On the other hand, colocation within a data center reportedly requires an initial investment of only approximately $39K plus an annual maintenance of $200K—a considerably more attractive option.

Colocation sites are ideal for IT equipment or overflow capacity, including staff, and may even offer private suites on a space available basis. They may also serve as disaster recovery sites with disaster recovery consulting and redundancy solutions.

Contrast new construction costs for data center space, which ranges from $440/sf to $3500+/sf with the bargain of colocation. Liquid Networx helps you identify the facility and services that best match your technical requirements and geography, wherever that might be.