IP Toll Free

Consolidate VoIP and Data.


Achieve convergence

With IT expenses rising, your business needs a way to reduce costs through network consolidation. IP Toll Free Service delivers inbound Voice over IP (VoIP) toll-free calls directly to end-user customers a voice service similar to a traditional toll-free service and allows simultaneous data traffic over a single IP network using highly reliable shared business IP platforms.

Simplify call migration

IP Toll Free Service simplifies your network infrastructure allowing efficient migration of voice services at your own pace. Now you can make operations more productive and efficient while acquiring a highly secure and reliable service that scales as your needs evolve.

Reduce costs

Merging voice and data services onto a single network helps reduce IT administration and maintenance resources, saving you money. With IP Toll Free Service, you gain a communications solution that integrates with your existing network infrastructure so you can provide valuable service to your customers.


  • Enhanced call information delivery and data forwarding
  • Toll-free advanced features supporting both IP and TDM locations
  • MPLS class of service traffic classification
  • Calling Party Number delivery (CPN) and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)

Potential Benefits

  • Helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Consolidate voice and network access
  • Streamlines call management tasks
  • Enables fast, flexible migration to IP-based architecture